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Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary popularly known as Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, is located about 12 km from Kothamangalam Taluk of Ernakulam district on the northern banks of the Periyar river. At the height of 35-523m above the sea level, this marvelous bird sanctuary is situated at Njayapilli peak. 13 km north east of Kothamangalam. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is a home to some of the rarest species of birds in India.

Tourism at Thattekadu, Kothamangalam

Thattekad is Kerala’s first officially recognised bird sanctuary, established in 1983, the lush green sanctuary has more than 300 recorded species of forest and water birds. While many of them are resident birds, some are migratory. Important birds found here include large falcon, gray jungle fowl, white breasted water hen, horn bill, jungle bush-quail, etc.

Thattekkad Bird sanctuary - Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

Thattekkad Bird sanctuary – Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Several species of birds, both forest birds as well as the water birds, visit the sanctuaries, and the important ones include the the Indian pitta, which visits the sanctuary during winter and spends almost six months here. A study conducted by Bombay Natural History Society during 1985 identifies 253 species here.

Common Babbler bird at salim ali bird sanctury

Common Babbler bird at Dr. Salim Ali bird Sanctury – Thattekkad

Rare birds like the Crimson-Throated Barbet, Bee-eater, Sunbird, Shrike, Blackwinged Kite, Grey Heron and the Night Heron are also commonly sighted. Indian roller, cuckoo, common snipe, crow pheasant, jungle night jar, kite, grey drongo, Malabar trogon, woodpecker, large pied wagtail, baya sparrow, grey jungle fowl, Indian hill myna, robin bird, jungle babbler and darter are some of the common birds found here.

Thattekkad - Kuttampuzha - Kothamangalam-Aerial-View, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Thattekkad – Kuttampuzha – Kothamangalam-Aerial-View

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary – Little History

Dr. Salim Ali, one of the best known ornithologist described this sanctuary as the richest bird habitat on peninsular India. Thattekkad literally means flat forest, and the region is an evergreen low-land forest located between the branches of Periyar River, the longest river in Kerala.

Thattekkad Bird sanctuary

Thattekkad Bird sanctuary experiences a tropical climate. The annual rainfall recorded here is round 3000mm. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year while monsoon hits this place in the months between May and July. It would not be recommendable to visit this park during monsoon as most of the area here becomes inaccessible.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary – Giant owl sculpture

There is a Giant owl sculpture, (a selfie spot for visitors) at Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, attracting people, made with full metal scraps. Half tone weighted Giant owl is situated inside the bird sanctuary.


Thattekad Bird Sanctuary – Butterfly Park

There is a Butterfly Park inside the Bird sanctuary. It’s a garden with full of flower plants and trees. Usually visitors can see 4 or 5 species of butterflies here. There is also a small museum, which shows the life cycle of the butterfly, detailing the stages of its life and details of the birds found in the Western Ghats.


Thattekad bird sanctuary – Timings

Mon – Saturday 6AM- 6PM

Thattekad bird sanctuary – Contact Number

Land phone:  0485 258 8302

Thattekad – Tourism

Thattekkad also has extensive plantations of teak, rosewood, mahagony, etc. A variety of flowers and tress combine to form the bewitching fauna at this wildlife park. Thattekkad is famous for its exclusive bird life. Among the animals found here, elephant is an occasional visitor. Leopard, bear, porcupine, python and cobra can also be sighted here.


Peacock Pansy Butterfly – Thattekkad Butterfly Park

Thattekad forest haunted

The Edamalayar forest is located about 15 km from Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary. This is also an evergreen forest located above the Edamalayar River. The mountain hawk eagles are found in this forest. Other birds in this forest include dark-fronted babbler, brown-cheeked fulvetta, brown-backed and white-rumped needletails, and emerald green pigeons.

Infant monkeys_Thattekkad Bird Sanctury

Infant monkeys inside a speed boat – Thattekkad Bird Sanctury

Thattekad Boating

There are many private boat services in Thattekkadu reservoir. House boats, small wooden and fiber boats are available for hourly rent. Trained boat drivers and guides are accompanied with the travelers.

Usually riding through the 5km distance in Periyar river is permited for speed boats. If there are group people, better to hire the house boats, it will take the passengers to Bhoothathankettu reservoir, near Thattekkad Bird sanctury.

Thattekad bird sanctuary Accommodation

Plenty of Resorts, Home stays, hotels available . do check travel portals before you start , here is one of trusted website

Location Map, Thattekadu

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