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Spice Market – Jew Street, Fort Kochi

Jew Town or Jew Street Fort Kochi

Jew Street Fort Kochi, Jew Town or Jews street in Mattancherry is famous for the antique shops all along its sides.  The colonial buildings lining the street add to its old-world charm. The Jew Town is a narrow street between Mattancherry Palace and the Synagogue.

Handicrafts in Shop - Jew Street - Fort Kochi, Jew Street Fort Kochi

Handicrafts Shop – Jew Street

Jew Street – Antique shops

Take a walk along the Jew Town and you can breathe antiquity. The curio and antique shops along the street are capable of enchanting the visitors with their variety and rarity. A big bronze vessel almost three meters in diameter is one of the major attractions here.

Handicrafts Seller - Jew Street, Jew Street Fort Kochi

Handicrafts Seller – Jew Street

Handicrafts Shop - Jew Street - Mattancherry - Fort Kochi, Jew Street Fort Kochi

Colored Handicrafts – Jew Street

Spice Market - Jew Street - Jews Street - Jews Town - Kochi, Jew Street Fort Kochi

Nuts and Spices in Glass jars – Jew Street

Jew Street – Spice Market – Fort Kochi

There are many spice markets along Jew Town, Mattancherry. The exotic odor of the finest ginger, cloves, cardamom, turmeric and pepper, also known as black gold, emanate from the spice warehouses lining the street and fills it.

Jew Street – Location Map

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