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Somaliland Livestock

Somaliland Livestock

Somaliland Livestock, Livestock export is the largest traded commodity in Somaliland and is the largest contributor to Somali livelihoods. Over 65% of the Somaliland population engaged in some way in the livestock industry. Livestock is also a key local consumption commodity for household food security.

Livestock exports have been periodically interrupted by droughts and international ban. Even though, exports of livestock and their products account for 80 percent of exports in normal years.


Livestock farm at Berbera – Somaliland


Camel farm at Berbera – Somaliland

Camel and Goats

Camel, goat and Somali sheep are the main exporting livestock from Somaliland. Livestock is contributing to about 40% of the country’s GDP


Goats under the shades of the tree in a livestock farm at Berbera – Somaliland


Camels in the livestock farm at Berbera – Somaliland

Livestock Market

Livestock are shipped to various countries in the Arabian Peninsula, and transported to markets in neighboring countries, Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia.

The biggest market for Somaliland livestock is Gulf region. Saudi Arabia imports more than two-thirds of the goats, sheep and camels of Somaliland. Besides Saudi Arabia, animals are exported to other Middle Eastern countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait. Most of this importation takes place during the Hajj or Feast of Sacrifice festival.


Employees fix the tag in the ear of goat after the vaccination in a livestock farm at Berbera – Somaliland


Feeding the animals, livestock farm at Berbera – Somaliland


Somali sheep in a livestock farm at Berbera – Somaliland

Berbera animal quarantine

Berbera, in the northwestern region of Somaliland, is the one and only port in Somaliland engaged in exporting livestock to other countries. There is a large livestock farm in Berbera, that held nearly 5,00,000 of goats and camels here.

Animals can be held at the quarantine in Berbera port at any one time. The animals are held for a few weeks for screening and vaccination before being sent to Saudi Arabia. The ship pictured here, bound for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, carried 65,000 sheep and goats.


Goats in a livestock farm at Berbera – Somaliland


A large livestock farm at Berbera. Around 2,00,000 of goats are here


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