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Somaliland – An Integral Land of Enthusiastic People

Republic of Somaliland

Somaliland is a self-declared state, internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia, in Horn of Africa. Somaliland officially known as Jamhuuriyadda Somali land (Republic of Somali land), and the rest of the world considered the state as a part of Somalia.


Map of Somali land, autonomous region of Somalia in Horn of Africa

Somali land lies in the north west region of Somalia, on the southern coast of Gulf of Aden. Hargeisa. (Hargeysa) the biggest city is the capital of Republic of Somali land.

Little History

Somali land was known as British Somali land and ruled by British government until 1960. British Somali land protectorate briefly obtained independence as the State of Somali land on 26th June of 1960.

The government of the briefly independent State of Somali land, united as scheduled on 1 July 1960 with the Trust Territory of Italian Somali land to form the Somali Republic.


Map of Republic of Somali land (Jamhuuriyadda Somali land), a self declared state in East Africa

Since 18th May of 1991, after the Somali Civil War, Somaliland has been governed by democratically elected governments that seek international recognition as the Government of the Republic of Somali land. But, Somaliland’s self-proclaimed independence remains unrecognized by rest of the world and United Nation.


Supporters of KULMIYE, in election campaign in Hargeisa (Year 2010)


Wadddani party members gathered for the election campaign (Year 2010), Hargeisa – Somaliland


Postage Stamps of British Africa Somaliland Protectorate – Somaliland



Based on population, there are 4 major cities and 6 towns, in Republic of Somali land.

  1. Hargeisa, Capital city of Somali land (Region: Woqooyi Galbeed)

  2. Berbera (Region: Woqooyi Galbeed)

  3. Burao (Region: Togdheer)

  4. Borama (Region: Awdal)


Borama city (Boorama) in Republic of Somaliland – East Africa

Las Anod (Region: Sool), Erigavo (Region: Sanaag), Buuhoodle (Region: Togdheer), Gabiley (Region:Woqooyi Galbeed), Badhan (Region: Sanaag), Sheikh (Region: Woqooyi Galbeed) are the other main towns in Somali land

Hargeisa is the capital city of Republic of Somali land, in Horn of African region. Hargeysa is the largest city of Somali land.  Hargeisa is situated in the Woqooyi Galbeed region of Somali land.


Hargeisa-Airport (Egal International Airport), an airport in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland

One third of the total population in Somali land is living Hargeisa. Hargeisa International Airport (Egal International Airport), the major Airport of Somali land is situated in Hargeisa City.

The place is a port city in the Republic of Somali land. Berbera is considered as the third largest city and official port of Republic of Somali land. Berbera port is the one and only port in the Republic of Somaliland.


Berbera Beach (Gulf of Aden), Somaliland

Somaliland is home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna, from acacia trees, to birds, primates, large cats, and reptiles large and small. Speckled pigeon, Bee-eater, and sparrows are common birds found everywhere in Somali land.


Green acacia tree with full of flowers in Hargeisa – Somaliland

How far is it between Berbera and Hargeisa? The calculated driving distance from Berbera to Hargeisa is equal to 158 km. If a vehicle rides with an average speed of 80 km, you can reach Hargeisa in 2 hours from Berbera Airport.


Hargeisa – Berbera highway, Somaliland – Horn of Africa

Laas-Geel cave is located nearly 50km away from Hargeisa, capital city of Republic of Somaliland. Laas Geel cave paintings are estimated to be between 5,000 and 11,000 (BC 3000 and BC 9000) years old. A French team researchers found the Laas Geel cave formation and paintings on December 2002.


View of the desert from the top of the Laas Geel Rocks, Hargeisa – Somaliland

Livestock export is the largest traded commodity in Somaliland and is the largest contributor to Somali livelihoods. Over 65% of the Somaliland population engaged in some way in the livestock industry. Livestock is also a key local consumption commodity for household food security.


A large livestock farm at Berbera. Around 2,00,000 of goats are here

Naasa Hablood, or Virgin’s Breast Mountain, are twin hills situated on the outskirts of the city of Hargeisa, the capital city of Republic of Somaliland. Both the hill structures are made of granite rock and sand.


Naasa Hablood dunes at Hargeisa – Somaliland

Sheikh, is a major town in the northwestern Togdheer province in Somaliland. It is situated 70 km north of Burao, one of the four largest cities in Somaliland. Sheikh Mountain are part of the Golis Chain that stretches along the length of Somaliland. The view from the Sheikh Pass is spectacular, as the mountains cascade into the horizon.


Sheikh Vetenary School at Sheikh – Somaliland

There are a lot of handicrafts in the Somali culture that seem to be in the ancient Egyptian culture. Somali handicrafts are made from natural materials. Wood, leather and grass are mainly raw materials used for making traditional handicrafts.


Traditional Somali handicrafts


Izar (A long cloth stitched like a tube), shirt and the cloth cap is the common traditional wearing of men in Somali land. Somali Jilbab and Dirac are the common dress of women in the country.


Izaar, top and cloth and cap – dress of men in Somaliland


Ladies wear exhibited in a cloth shop in Hargeisa city – Somaliland


Somali Jilbab & Dirac, dress of women in Somaliland


Xirsi (Somalia Necklace), common ornament wearing Somaliland ladies


Both government and private sector providing the best education facilities to the students of Somali land. Most of the primary schools and higher education institutions are situated in Hargeisa, capital of Somali land.


Edna Adan Ismail, director and founder of Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, with nursing graduates


Students in a primary school classroom in Hargeisa – Somali land


Somali land Shilling, issued by Somaliland Bank is the official domestic currency in Somali land. US dollar bills are used for the international transactions. Exchange rate of the Somli land shilling against US dollar varied in every day. Based on the statistics of April 2018, 1 USD is equal to 10,000 Somali land Shilling.


1000 and 5000 Somali land Shilling (Somali land Currency)


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