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Sheikh Village – Somaliland

Sheikh Village

Sheikh Village, is in the northwestern Togdheer province in Somaliland. It is situated 70 km north of Burao, one of the four largest cities in Somaliland. Sheikh Mountain are part of the Golis Chain that stretches along the length of Somaliland.


Peak of the Sheikh mountains, Woqooyi Galbeed, Sheikh village – Somaliland

The view from the Sheikh Pass is spectacular, as the mountains cascade into the horizon. The ascent here from Berbera along the Sheikh Pass follows one of the most dramatic roads in Somaliland, starting from the village of Hudisa at the base of the Golis Range, and then climbing some 700m over a 10km series of switchbacks that offer fantastic views of the plains below.


Shades of the hills, Sheikh mountains, Sheikh village – Somaliland


View of Berbera – Burao Curvy highway pass through Sheikh mountains, Sheikh village – Somaliland

Story of the State

Somaliland is a self-declared state, internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia, in Horn of Africa. Somaliland officially known as Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland (Republic of Somali land), and the rest of the world considered the state as a part of Somalia.


Peak of the Sheikh mountains, Sheikh village – Somaliland


Valley of Sheikh mountains, Woqooyi Galbeed, Sheikh village – Somaliland

Somali land lies in the north west region of Somalia, on the southern coast of Gulf of Aden. Hargeisa. (Hargeysa) the biggest city is the capital of Republic of Somali land.

Somali land was known as British Somali land and ruled by British government until 1960. British Somali land protectorate briefly obtained independence as the State of Somali land on 26th June of 1960.

Since 18th May of 1991, after the Somali civil war, Somaliland has been governed by democratically elected governments that seek international recognition as the Government of the Republic of Somali land. But, Somaliland’s self-proclaimed independence remains unrecognized by rest of the world and United Nation.


View of Laaleys Village from Sheikh mountains, Sheikh village – Somaliland


Laaleys Village and the road to Berbera, shot from Sheikh mountains, Sheikh village – Somaliland

Hargeisa, the Major City

Hargeisa is the capital city of Republic of Somali land, in Horn of African region. Hargeisa is the largest city of Somali land.  Hargeisa is situated in the Woqooyi Galbeed region of Somali land.

One third of the total population in Somali land is living Hargeisa. Hargeisa International Airport (Egal International Airport), the major Airport of Somali land is situated in Hargeisa City.


Curvy Roads, leads to Berbera, a view from the top of Sheikh mountains, Sheikh village – Somaliland


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