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Mattancherry is a locality in the city of Kochi, India. It is said that the cheri (street) full of mutton butchers gradually became ‘Mutton cheri’ which is spelled now as mattancherry. Also, it is said that the name Mattan cherry comes from “Ancherry Mattom”, a Namboodiri illam which the foreign traders then pronounced it as Matt-Ancherry, gradually became Mattan cherry.

Mattancherry Harbor - Kochi - Ernakulam - Kerala

Mattancherry Harbor – Kochi

Mattan cherry – Location

It is about 9 km from Ernakulam town. There are frequent bus and boat services to Mattancherry from Ernakulam town. The boats start from Main Boat Jetty near Subhash Park at Ernakulam. The word cheri in malayalam can be translated ghetto or slum, the word root comes from chernilam which means wetland. The sea level height of city of kochi is very low and almost wetland.

Mattan cherry Bridge

Mattan cherry Bridge is a bridge in Kochi, KeralaIndia. Also Known as Mattan cherry harbor bridge. It connects mainland Cochin to Willingdon Island. This bridge was constructed in 1998, succeeding the previous bridge of the same name, which was built in 1940. The old bridge now carries only two and three wheelers.

Mattan cherry Palace

The Mattan cherry Palace is a Portuguese palace popularly known as the Dutch Palace, in Mattancherry, Kochi, in Kerala.The Palace was built and gifted by the Portuguese as a present to the king of Cochin around 1555. The Dutch carried out some extensions and renovations in the palace in 1663, and thereafter it was popularly called Dutch Palace.

Mattancherry-Foreign-Tourists Visiting Mattancherry- Palace-Pazhayannoor -Bhagavathi-Temple

Tourists Visiting Mattancherry Palace – Mattancherry

Mattancherry – Significance

Mattancherry is also home to the Dharmanath Jain Temple, Paradesi Synagogue, Mattan cherry Palace Museum, Mattacherry Pazhayannur Royal temple and Palliarakkavvu temple, Ram Mandir, Gowd Saraswat Brahmin samaj temples including the Venkatraman temple and a Jain Temple (known as MahajanWadi to locals) and Mosques. Mattan cherry Palace Museum hosts different weapons such as swords, spears and various other artilleries such as cannon used to protect the borders from invaders in the historic ages. The museum also hosts various paintings and murals.

Mattan cherry – Jew Town

Mattan cherry is famous for having “Jew Town” in its heart. This is a historical part of India, where the ancient Jews started their trading. This neighborhood is now famous for antique showrooms. Jew Palace and the Jewish synagogue are two famous landmarks.

Mattan cherry – Location Map

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