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Lesser Whistling Duck

Lesser Whistling Duck

Lesser whistling duck or Indian whistling duck, also known as lesser whistling teal, resting on the top of an areca nut tree, near Thattekkad.

Indian Whistling-Duck

The lesser whistling duck is also known as Indian whistling-duck or lesser whistling teal. It is a species of whistling teal that breeds in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. They are nocturnal feeders that during the day may be found in flocks around lakes and wet paddy fields.


They can perch on trees and sometimes build their nest in the hollow of a tree. This brown and long-necked duck has broad wings that are visible in flight and produces a loud two-note wheezy call. It has a chestnut rump, differentiating it from its larger relative, the fulvous whistling teal, which has a creamy white rump.

Lesser Whistling Ducklings Photos


Indian Whistling Ducklings


Lesser Whistling Ducklings


Indian Whistling Ducklings

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