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Kokkora Meow – Idol of Darkness

Kokkora Meow – Idol of Darkness

Kokkorameow or Kokkara myavoo (കൊക്കര മ്യാവൂ / കോഴിപ്പൂച്ച) is a strange bird with cat’s head and chicken’s body. KOKKORAYAVOO.

‘Kokkorameow – Idol of darkness‘, is a fiction written in Malayalam language based on a character named Kokkorameow / Kokkarameow. ‘Kokkora Myavoo’, is a fictional creature (a hen with cat’s head), presented in the same named fiction.

If you are interested to find more photos of Kokkora meow / Kokkara meow just click here. See more photos of KOKKORAMEOW.


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