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Kattu Vithachavar (2018 Film)

Kattu Vithachavar

Kattu Vithachavar, (കാറ്റ് വിതച്ചവർ) the Malayalam movie released on 2nd November 2018 is an investigation story based on ‘Rajan Case’ that created unprecedented turmoil in Kerala politics.

Starting from early Naxalite history in Kerala, the script narrates the story of police investigation against police, to unravel what happened to Rajan, the engineering student who disappeared in 1976, during the emergency period. It has already been mentioned as the best political thriller in Malayalam.

Kattu Vithachavar New Malayalam Movie Poster-Kattu Vithachavar

Kattu Vithachavar New Malayalam Movie Poster

Story and History

What happened Rajan still remains a mystery. Overtime, many versions have come out, both official and unofficial. Kattu Vithachavar goes through a thrilling investigation which reveals the fate of Rajan to the best of evidences available.

However, the narration is not biased. It presents the arguments of all parties involved in this case, conforming to history. It explores the role played by a number high ranking police officers and then home minister K. Karunakaran in the disappearance of Rajan.

Pre Production

Satheesh Paul published his screenplay as a book, which was well received by the readers. While serving as the main faculty at Oriental Film Institute in Kozhikode, he led his students and colleagues to make this film at an extreme low budget.

Arguably, it is the first time in the world, any film institute made a commercial film as part of training the students, creating a new record. Kattu Vithachavar is a textbook example for film students on how to make a good movie in extreme low budget.

Kattu Vithachavar Malayalam Movie 2018 Poster-Kattu Vithachavar

Kattu Vithachavar Malayalam Movie 2018 Poster


Kattu Vithachavar Malayalam movie is made under the banner of Oriental Film Institute, Calicut as part of training their students. This is the first time in the world any film institute made a commercial film as part of training their students. It is produced by Adv. Shibu Kuriakose, Shibu Edens and Suresh Achus. Script and Direction by Satheesh Paul.

  1. Editing: Viji Abraham

  2. Camera: Shibu Attukal and Joby James

  3. Music: Promod Charuvath

  4. Lyrics: Gireesh Ambra

  5. Background Score: Sachin Balu


Lead roles are played by Prakash Bare, Tiny Tom and Jayapraksh Kuloor. The film also cast about 120 new face actors including Rajeev, Deepak, Asheel, Santhosh Irumbuzhi, Aravind Warrier, Sreejith, Sheril, Manoop, Kurian T Salim, Varmaji, Sudheesh, Sudhakaran, Baby Gandhara, Chandran Thikkody.

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