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Idukki Dam Opened After 26 Years In Kerala

Idukki Dam Opened After 26 Years In Kerala

Idukki Dam Opened After 26 Years In Kerala Following Heavy Rain. Idukki-Dam – Cheruthoni Dam Shutters – opened on trial basis. This year Southwest Monsoon, which has caused a series of floods and landslides in several districts of the Kerala state.

Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) opened one of the five shutters of the Cheruthoni Dam 50cm on the Idukki reservoir as the water level reached up to 2398.99 ft on 9th July 2018 12.30 pm IST.

The water released from the Idukki reservoir flow through the Cheruthoni river and meet the River Periyar after one kilometre distance.

On 10 August 2018, all 5 shutters were opened after water level in dam crossing the 2400ft. mark even after keeping the first shutter open for 17 hours.

A month later, on 7th September of 2018, The water level mark at 2391ft, all shutters closed at 12.30 pm IST.

The dam was opened first time on 1981.  Shutters were repeatedly opened and shut between 29 October and 13 November. Ten years later, on 1992 and the the dam was opened second time. The shutters of Cheruthoni remain open for 12 days from 12 to 23 October.

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