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Giant Red Eye Caterpillar – Video

Giant Red Eye Caterpillar Video

Gangara Thyrsis, commonly known as the Giant Red eye is a butterfly.

Giant Red Eye Butterfly

The male and female are dark chocolate brown. With a fore wing consisting of bright yellow semi-transparent quad rate spots disposed triangularly, the first is large and occupying half the cell, the second also large, obliquely beneath and partly beyond, the third small and obliquely above the second; above the last are three smaller spots obliquely before the apex, the two upper being germinated; in some specimens beneath the sub apical spots is a small dot, and on the posterior margin another, both similar to the rest; cilia at posterior angle brownish-white; hind wing with the cilia at the anterior angle brownish white.

Giant Red Eye Larvae

The larvae feed on palms and canes including coconut trees, common rattan and ginger plants.

Giant Red Eye Caterpillar Video

Giant Red eye caterpillar is a fluffy white colored caterpillar. Here is the video footage of Giant Red eye caterpillar. This footage is captured from Kerala.

Photos & Video: Anoop Santhakumar

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