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G Cinemas – Kothamangalam

G Cinemas, a landmark in cinemas, Kothamangalam – 4K, Ultra HD

G Cinemas, a landmark in cinemas, is one of the most premium film theaters in Kothamangalam. The theater provides Dolby ATMOS sound experience and 4K Ultra HD visual experience. G-Cinemas, Kothamangalam is situated near Mar. Thoma Cheria Pally, Kothamangalam, aside the Kochi Dhanushkodi National highway.


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam – Box Office

G-Cinemas Screens

G-Cinemas, Kothamangalam providing 2 two screen choices for film lovers. Screen 1 with 280 seating capacity and Screen 2 with 170 seating provide comfortable movie watching experience to the viewers.


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam – 2 Screens

G-Cinemas Show Time

Daily 4 shows are in both screens of G-Cinemas, Kothamangalam. Total 8 shows in a day in G-Cinemas Kothamangalam. Special morning shows are announced earlier for the premiere movies on releasing day. Starting time of the shows in both screens of G-Cinemas have 15 min difference, and it may vary time to time.

G-Cinemas Show Time – Screen 01

11.00 AM 02.00 PM 06.00 PM 09.00 PM


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam-Screen 01 (280 Seats)


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam-Screen 01 (280 Seats)


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam-Screen 01 (280 Seats)

G-Cinemas Show Time – Screen 02

11.15 AM 02.15 PM 06.15 PM 09.15 PM


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam-Screen 02 (170 Seats)


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam-Screen 02 (170 Seats Side)

G-Cinemas Online Tickets

G-Cinemas provides the film lovers to book their shows online. It’s easy and comfortable to book online tickets through online. Visit and book a show.


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam – Tickets

G-Cinemas Beverages and Snacks

Neat and hygienic snacks parlor providing tea, coffee, cool drinks, popcorn, and other snacks, is running inside the theater complex.


G Cinemas Kothamangalam-Landmark in Cinemas

G-Cinemas Parking

G Cinemas, Kothamangalam have their own parking lot, close to the entrance. More than 50 four wheel vehicles can park on the ground. Separate two wheeler parking area on the theater complex yard.

G-Cinemas Photos


G-Cinemas Kothamangalam


G Cinemas Kothamangalam Dolby Atmos 4K Ultra HD


G Cinemas Kothamangalam  Landmark in Cinemas

G-Cinemas Contact Number

G Cinemas Phone Number : 0485 286 2195

G-Cinemas Location

G-Cinemas, Kothamangalam – Location Map

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