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Fort Kochi Tourism

Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi Beach – KOCHI, also known as COCHIN (KO-CHIN), is a major port city on the south-west coast of INDIA by the Arabian Sea and is part of the district of Ernakulam in the state of KERALA. It is often called ERNAKULAM, which refers to the mainland part of the city.

Fort Kochi - Fisherman on Chinese Fishing Net

Fisherman on Chinese Fishing Net – Fort Kochi

It is the second largest city in Kerala with a largest urban agglomeration in the state. KOCHI city is also a part of the Greater Cochin region and is classified as a Tier-II city by the Government of INDIA.

Fort Kochi Beach - Trees

Bracnhes of Trees – Fort Kochi Beach Walkway

This is part of a handful of water-bound regions toward the south-west of the mainland Kochi, and collectively known as Old Kochi or West Kochi. Adjacent to this is Mattancherry. In 1967, these three municipalities, along with a few adjoining areas, were amalgamated to form the Corporation of Cochin.

Waves of Arabian Sea - Fort Kochi Beach

Waves of Arabian Sea – Fort Kochi Beach

Steam Boilers of Old Cranes – Fort Kochi Beach

There are Steam Boilers of Old Cranes, placed on the side of walkway of Fort Kochi beach. There is a description regarding the rusty piece in a black marble tile fixed in the foundation. “Steam boilers of the cranes used in Cochin dry dock for 20 years from 1956. It used coke, coal, and firewood as fuels. Notable use of these cranes included attending annual repairs of dredger Lord Willingdon and Lady Willingdon”.

Fort Kochi-Beach-Trees

Natural green roof – Trees at Fort Kochi beach road

Fort Kochi Beach – Fort Kochi Beach

The beach is very lively and has lot of visitors any given time. It has a very good walkway along the beach. Very nice walk along the coast. Chinese fishing nets can be seen on one side at this location. Good atmosphere created by all the street side vendors. Lot of eatery shopping of clothes, mementos, etc.

Foot Cart - Fort kochi

Travellers Feeding Birds – Fort Kochi

Beach is clean so you can spend your evening with cool air here. Good for a long walk and enjoy some street food. Usually weekends would be very crowded. Good time is the morning and late in the evening. Nearby area is good, old bungalows are converted in to shops or hotels and serving good food.

Fort Kochi Beach – Location Map

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