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Folklore Cultural Theatre – Fort Kochi

Folklore Cultural Theatre – Fort Kochi, Kerala

Folklore Cultural Theatre at Fort Kochi, is managed by Cochin Heritage Zone Conservation Society, chaired by the District Collector. Folklore-Cultural Theatre will cater to the high demand from tourists to see and learn Katha kali and other traditional art forms.

Folklore-Cultural-Theatre-Fort-Kochi-Garden-Flowers, Folklore Cultural Theatre

Garden – Folklore Cultural Theatre Fort Kochi

Already, Fort Kochi is home to many arenas adjacent to hotels and other places, where different art forms are staged. Tourists take keen interest in all aspects of art forms, starting from the painstaking process of applying make-up on the artistes, to the storyline and different mudras.

olklore Cultural Theatre-Fort Kochi – Shows

Folklore-Cultural Theatre is a space built to stage Kerala’s traditional performing art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and others, for the tourists visiting Fort Kochi. Folklore-Cultural Theatre has a capacity for 78 persons and designed for conducting performance of traditional art forms.


Flowers in the Garden – Folklore Cultural Theatre Fort Kochi

Folklore-Cultural Theatre-Fort Kochi – Show Timing

There will be daily performance at 5.30 p.m. at the theater.

Location Map – Folklore-CulturalTheater

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