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First 3D Short Film in Malayalam Language – Three Sixty Degree (360°)

Three Sixty Degree – (2014 Short Film)

Three Sixty Degree (360°) produced in the year 2014 is an Indian war short film in Malayalam language with English sub titles. Three Sixty Degree is the first 3D short film Malayalam language.

Release Date

The film was officially released on 18th of August 2014 and got wide media coverage and viewers appreciation.


Short film ‘360°’ is based on the story of a war veteran, who is suffering service related PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder).

Historical studies revealed that, during the Second World War, 37% Soldiers were sent back from the war front due to mental problems. 30% soldiers of Vietnam War and 24% soldiers of Korean War bent the knee following mental disorder. 10% soldiers in gulf war and 20% in Iraq-Afghan invasion were mentally failed. ‘360°’ got official entries in many national and international short film festivals.


Entire film is made in 2D format and converted to Anaglyph 3D.

Cast & Crew

Writer | Director | Editor: Anoop Santhakumar

Camera: Aneesh apple Sound Design: Sivaguru Baskar BGM: Krishnaraj 5.1 mixing: Shibin Assistant Director: Abhinav Vijayan Camera Assistant: Ajai Devaraj Costumes: Abhilash Graphics & Composition: Anoop 3D models: BGS Footage Location Manager : Amal Raj Sub Titles: Jinesh Dubbing: Anila, Jiny, Syamily, Prakash, Rajesh

Produced by: ASM & Kadalasu Vanchi

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