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Edappalli Church – St. George Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church

Edapally Church – St. George’s Forane Church

St. George’s Forane Church or Mar Geevarghese Sahada Church, Edappally is locally known as,  Edapally Palli (Edappally Church).  St. George’s Forane Church is situated in Edappally, Kochi, India. This is one of the oldest churches in India, built in 594 AD. It was originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary, called Marth Mariam in the vernacular.

St. George’s Forane Church – History

In 1080, a new church was built adjacent to the old church. Every year, a nine-day festival is celebrated here in the month of April – May. The church is also popular among the non-Christians as a pilgrimage center and the popular offerings at the church are chicken and eggs.

Edappally Church is known to have a history of 14 centuries. Edappally was then a small hamlet, a part of the princely kingdom of Elangalloor. The Syrian Christian congregation at Edappally was small in number and were the descendants of the people converted into Christianity by St. Thomas the Apostle who came to India in 52 AD.

Edappalli Church _Edappalli Palli - St. George Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church Interior - Panorama, Edappally Church

Edappalli Church _Edappalli Palli – St. George Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church Interior – Panorama

Since the old church was found to be too small to accommodate the overgrown congregation, a new church was built in the present location in A.D. 1080. The main altar and the facade of this church was later renovated.

St. George’s Forane Church – Renovated Church

The altar was renovated by incorporating the picture of Virgin Mary which was surrounded by sculptures, angels and vines. The facade also was renovated thirty years back, but the facade of the present day church is a return to the original one.

On 1 January 2001, at 8 A.M., the foundation stone, blessed by Pope John Paul II, was laid for the third church. This new church, which was consecrated in April 2015, has a combination of European and Keralite architectural features and is one of the largest in India with a built up area of over 88000 square feet.

It can hold 5000 worshipers at a time in the main chapel measuring 19500 square feet. Vastushilpalaya, an architectural firm run by Koshy K. Alex and Zeril S. Jose, are the architects of the project. The church courtyard holds a well and the devotees believe the water in the well has curative powers.

Edappally Church – Holy Mass Timings

FIRST FRIDAY 05.45 am   Holy Mass 07.00 am   Holy Mass 09.00 am   Holy Mass 10.30 am   Holy Mass 12.00 pm   Holy Mass (Latin Rite) 03.30 pm   Holy Mass 05.00 pm   Holy Mass 07.30 pm   Holy Mass

ORDINARY DAYS 6.00 am   Holy Mass 7.00 am   Holy Mass 6.00 pm   Holy Mass

FRIDAYS 06.00 am   Holy Mass 07.00 am   Holy Mass 12.30 pm   Holy Mass 06.00 pm   Holy Mass

SUNDAYS 05.45 am   Holy Mass 07.00 am   Holy Mass 08.45 am   Holy Mass 10.15 am   Holy Mass 04.30 pm   Holy Mass (English) 05.30 pm   Holy Mass 07.30 pm   Holy Mass

Location Map – Edappalli Church

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