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Chendamangalam Jewish Synagogue -Kerala Jews Life Style Museum

Chendamangalam Synagogue

Chendamangalam Synagogue or Chennamanglam Synagogue – Kerala is one place in India, where the Jewish community made its presence felt in a strong manner. Their presence can be still felt in the port city of Kochi, where they are still involved in a variety of business activities.

Among the prominent landmarks of the Jewish community in the region is their place of worship called synagogue. There were quite a good number of them in Kochi as well as in Kodungallur, an ancient port city not far away from Kochi.

Chendamangalam Jewish Synagogue_North Paravur

Chendamangalam Jewish Synagogue – North Paravur

Chendamangalam – North Paravur

Chendamangalam or Chennamangalam is a small town and a panchayat in Paravur Taluk, Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala. The synagogue at Chennamangalam reflects traditional Kerala architecture and has utilized western construction technology. Some of the visual attractions of this synagogue are undoubtedly the majestic altar, which stands out for its intricate artwork.

Chendamangalam Synagogue

The synagogue has a high roof, which at first sight would itself convince one about the difficulties that the craftsmen might have encountered while fixing it. The ceiling of the roof has a brightly colored checkered pattern, with huge wooden beams giving additional support to the roof.

Chennamangalam is also an example of religious tolerance and harmonious co-existence, which can be felt by the presence of temple, mosque and church located close to the synagogue.

Location Map – Chendamangalam Jewish Synagogue

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