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Bhoothathankettu Boating


Bhoothathankettu is a scenic dam site with boating facilities is situated in a vast virgin forest and tourist spot in Kerala, India. Bhoothathankettu boating facility, boating in Periyar river is one of the main attractions in Bhoothathankettu reservoir.

Bhoothathankettu Boating

Many private companies, and resorts operating boating service in Bhoothathankettu  reservoir. Hose boats, small wooden and fiber boats, speed boats and pedal boats are available for hourly rent. Trained boat drivers and guides are accompanied with the travelers.

Speed Boats

Usually riding through the 5km distance in Periyar river is permited for speed boats. If there are group people, better to hire the house boats, it will take the passenger to Thattekkad reservoir, near Thattekkad Bird sanctury.

Pedal Boats

Special facility for children and family to row and ride pedal boats and fiber boats in a pond attached to the Bhoothathankettu reservoir.

There are many food counters and Hotels and Resorts nearby.

Bhootthankettu-Watch-Tower, Bhootthankettu bird watching, Bhoothathankettu Boating


Bhoothathankettu – Childrens Park and Garden

There is a green and clean Children’s Park near Bhoothathankettu dam. Many kinds of flowers and bushes riches the greenery of Bhoothathankettu Children’s Park. Sculpture of the ‘Bhoothathan’ (Monster in the Myth of Bhoothathankettu) in the garden is attracting the children as well as the elders. There are many other sculptures of dinosaur, elephant, deer, crocodile and many more.

Outdoor play equipment for children are maintained in the Children’s Park. There are full walkway throughout the park. The travelers will get a close view of dam opening to the Periyar  from this park.

Bhoothathankettu – Watch Tower

There is a tall watch tower for visitors. Its helping the visitors to watch around the reservoir, enjoy the distant sights of mountains and the reserve forest nearest to the Bhoothathankettu dam.

How to Reach Bhoothathankettu

Bhoothathankettu is situated outside the village of Pindimana, about 10 km away from the town of Kothamangalam and 50 km away from the main city of Kochi. The original natural dam has been supplemented by a modern dam impounding the Bhoothathankettu Reservoir (Thattekad Reservoir).

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