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Best Malayalam Movie Songs 2021

Top 10 Malayalam Movie Songs 2021

Malayalam film industry has been forced into a long interval due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has affected at least 50 films whose shooting is over or is half complete. Nearly 30 Malayalam films were released through OTT in 2021. We have gathered the list which consists of top-notch songs, with official videos. Enjoy the Top 10 Malayalam Movie Songs 2021.

SONG – 01

Song: Pen Poove Movie: Kunjeldho

SONG – 02

Song: Pakaliravukal Movie: Kurupp

SONG – 03

Song: Akashamayavale Movie: Vellam

SONG – 04

Song: Pinnenthe Movie: Ellam Sheriyakum

SONG – 05

Song: Oruthi Movie: Bheemante Vazhi

SONG – 06

Song: Kannil Ente Movie: Marakkar

SONG – 07

Song: Eeran Mukil Movie: Cold Case

SONG – 08

Song: Theerame Movie: Malik

SONG – 09

Song: Innale Mellane Movie: Nizhal

SONG – 10

Song: Venmathiye Movie: Guardian

SONG – 11

Song: Neeye Movie: Anugraheethan Antony

SONG – 12

Song: Neela Mizhi Movie: Mohan Kumar Fans

SONG – 13

Song: Varavayee Nee Movie: Sara’s

SONG – 14

Song: Nazarethin Movie: The Priest

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