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Berbera – Beach City of Somaliland

Berbera – Beach City of Somaliland

Berbera (Somali: Barbara) is a port city in the Republic of Somaliland, internationally recognized as part of Somalia. Berbara is considered as the third largest city and official port of Republic of Somaliland. Barbara served as the capital of the British Somaliland protectorate in British rule (1884 – 1941) until, it was replaced by Hargeisa.


Shade trees in the countryside of Barbara – Somaliland


Remaining of British era – An old building in Barbara – Somaliland

Airport and Port

The long runway of the Berbera-Airport was built by USSR, in the mid of 1970’s during the time of Cold War. Runway of the Berbera airport is considered as the longest (4,140 m) one in the African continent. Berbera port is the one and only port in the Republic of Somaliland.


Wreckage of burned ships at Barbara port, Somaliland


Sunset in Barbara Port – Somaliland

In May 2016, DP World signed an agreement with the government of Somaliland to annex and operate a regional trade and logistics hub at the Port of Berbera Somaliland. The project, which will be phased in, will also involve the setting up of a free zone.


Barbara container terminal, Somaliland, an aerial view


Barbara is a port city that lies on the coast of Somaliland, facing the Gulf of Aden. For this reason, it’s the economic center of Somaliland, attracting most of the trade that takes place in the country.


Barbara Beach – country side – Somaliland

Barbara also known as Beach City of Somaliland has a privileged location on the coast of Somaliland, right in the Gulf of Aden. Crystal clear aqua blue waters and soft sands make most of the shoreline, and it is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.


Rocky hill areas near Barbara beach, Somaliland

This coastal city has a nice landscape and ample beaches of soft sands. Rocky promontories are rather unusual. Because of its vast coast, the most famous beaches remain incredibly clean. Many schools of fish and even dolphins and other cetaceans are easily seen through the crystal clear waters.


Rock formation on the hills of Barbara – Somaliland


Rock Formation – Barbara Beach


Barbara Beach – Rocks and hills


Barbara Beach Rocks – Somaliland


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