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Alavattam and Venchamaram

Alavattam and Venchamaram

Escort persons, standing on the elephants waving Alavattam (ornamental fan made of peacock feathers) and venchamaram (royal fan) on Thrissur pooram.

Aalavattom Making

Aalavattom, an ornamental fan made of peacock feathers mainly used for Temple festivals and other spiritual activities. Ala vattam is the essence of the word Alavardha in Sanskrit language. The meaning of Ala vattam is hand fan.

Alavattam and Venchamaram-Thrissur Pooram - Front

Escorts with Alavattam and venchamaram (Paramekkavu Group) – Thrissur Pooram

Aala vattom Origin

This is the contribution of the Buddhists. Although it was used for festivals and others, it was in the past used to bow to the kings. Ala vattam have a prominent place in the royal signs and is used regularly for festival rides in temple festivals.

Alavattam and Venchamaram-Muthukkuda-Thrissur Pooram

Escorts waving Alavattam and Venchamaram


The other one used with Ala vattam is the Venchamaram. This is mainly used in temple festivals. Hair of domestic yak is used to make Venchamaram. Their hair is normally brought from the Himalayas to the festivals of Kerala.

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